A Hundred Flowers

These are the words
We don't know how to say
Waiting in our mouths
'Til they fall out wild and rearranged
This is the winter
After red has turned to grey
Though we never said enough
Words are not enough for us to change

It's been a long time
So don't look back - don't look
It's been a long time
Since we've seen beauty
Let a hundred flowers bloom
After a hundred days of rain
(From the head through the mouth to the ground in the root to the heart in the vein)

This is the ground
That we never had to pave
It's only one step down
But we're already aching
This is the silence
As our hearts get in the way
If we never give enough
Then there's not too much left for us to change

The storm will break
Making golden grasses glow up above our heads
Where quietly we lay
Where quietly we wait for a hundred...