Better Times

Can't explain the way I knew
That we were past our prime
Might have been the hourglass
Or the blizzard in the living room
Heaven knows what happens to
The sun when it won't shine

Still we're holding
Oh, we're holding out
For better, for better, for better times

Ghost parades of long ago days
Of harvest still on the vine
Reaching out to say hello
To remember why we're here at all
Heaven knows what happened to
The season that once was mine

Now every time I hold you, dear
I know what I could lose
One day I will think of this
And remember when it was new

It comes, it goes, it comes, it goes
Oh! How it goes!

Photographs to show the way
We wish it was at the time
Faded as our tenderness grows
For summer, sailboats, and rain
Heaven knows what happened to
The days that we were living fine