Chains of Andromeda

Once there was a rocket ship
And the whole world could fly
Like chained-to-stone-Andromeda
We wrote our freedom in the skies
While the ropes that held us down would not comply

Once there was a paper sun
Beautiful and bright
Ripped from magazines we loved
We loved the image of our lives
With pictures that these words can not describe

We tie the rope so tight
We really want to keep our feet on the ground
The more that we say that we're not afraid of heights
The more we feel like never coming down

Once we had a love affair
With solar satellites
Star crossed for too many years
Til our distance grew twice as wide
And we were caught with the moon in a cosmic compromise

Though our tongues are cut on paper - oooh!
We are sure that's just the danger of our song
We set fires but run from nature - oooh!
We're sure that this is where we belong