Collecting the Rain

Extremely, extremely,
Extremely rough,
She's going down

On one occasion she told me
What it is to feel her power
To feel her power

If you can't play fair, then
You belong locked in the tower

Or on your back,
Collecting the rain
Or on your back,
He's forgetting your name

He's one, he's two,
He's three, he is four,
He is unraveling the chain

She pokes him, she pokes him
As she chokes him
She rubs against his grain...

But she's on her back,
Collecting the rain
She's on her back but the
World still looks the same

If she were to say to the queen,
"Hey, I think your game
Is upside down"
She'd lose her head
She'd lose her cards
And with it goes all of her power
All of her power