Everything Is You

A few lives ago when I was twenty-one
You sent a big fat kiss
When you called to say we're done
You gave me up for someone
Who's been around the world
With a lipstick trail behind her
You wish you were in her shoes
So you gave her a debriefing
That everything is you

She must have thought
You were testing her for strength
She'd give it out to you
But you couldn't find the thanks
She thought that maybe
She'd get it right one day
With a little sweet attention
And a push not to be selfish
But you gave her her money back
Because it's just that everything is you

Give her time
Give her all you can
Even my umbrella would do
Just enough for my getaway
You're eyeing me again

So look for me
I'll be behind this Irish tree
Because I've run away
To live across the sea
For someone willing
To turn me inside out
You have a smooth collection of words
To change my mind
But now I've seen the world
And, baby, not everything is you