Fable Moon

The moon is hiding from the sky
Turning its face from our desperation
Its clockwork falling out of time
Repelling our tides it's...oooooh!

It's been three years today
Since the moon was moved to a shelf for useless things
Next to a wilted heart
Beneath abandoned love

Fable moon
I know you're tired, so tired
Of all our abuses
But you're a giver, right?
A giver, right? A giver, right?
We need you where you were hung

I wish there was something I could say
Like, "you'll get brighter, this is just a phase"
Or, "cheer up, old chum, the sun's not better"
It takes a wounded heart
To understand a careless love

Once on the arm of the charmingest star
You dreamed of a house on a hill
Now the sorrow we feel is the same sad you have
Still we look to see what you'll reveal

You say, "Oh! --- It feels like a thousand years of sleep"

So we get a little older
Under the damaged sky
Drifting in a timeless sea
The retired moon
Becomes nothing but a fable from above
Remember when we were young?
Remember all our love?