Raising the Dead

Before this place
Before this name
I heard, I heard she tried
To rise up from the grave

Before this game
She was outstretched to the sky
I heard, I heard she tried
To make the angels cry

But oh, when will she dance
Oh, like she used to dance

In darkness she has crawled
Out to see the light of day
I heard, I heard she has
Found a better way

You think you see
A hint of life inside her
But buried deep
She sleeps

Raising the dead
Calls for some ammunition
I heard, I heard
She took it as a call to return

She drove across the state and back. "It's so flat," she said, while her Marlboro Red was burning to a crisp in her hand. Her light was burning out on the inside. And, so, that's why she took the ride... for the drive to take her back to the bed, to the man, to the place she never belonged. "God, I'm so tired of this."