Sideline Junkies

High times
And low times
I overestimated
This capacity for love

Cuz you shrugged it off
Like a too tight overcoat
When I got too close
To the bone

Happened upon some letters
I wrote though I never sent them
I've written ten thousand words
Which won't see the light of day
So they won't speak for me
When I say straight to your face,

"How many times
Do you have to change your clothes
Do you have to change your face
To fit in?"

Once we were much better than that
And we used to laugh
About people and their games
We were sideline junkies
Smitten by the way
We could watch but never play

Am I getting warm
Or do I just leave you cold?
Do you ever wonder
How once I was there
And now I'm gone?
Do you miss me?
I can imagine what you must think
(That I don't understand)
Cuz you're so complex
That it fucking hurts
And I'm just so so so sad