Song Without a Name

Wouldn't it be nice
To stay here forever
Wouldn't it be nice
If I could
Half a mind to backtrack to nowhere
Feeling like I should

And I say I'm so lonely
But I say I'm in charge
Nothing quite like reading the riot
When I'm feeling large

Make me the exception
Or you'll have to tear it from my mouth
I'm snowbound in this mind terrain
I think there's no way out

There's a door that I entered
Now I'm locked in the room
And I don't know voodoo to unglue what I do
If I should speak too soon

And there is silence
In between the words I won't say
Stutter, stumble, I can't make the noise
Maybe it's better off this way

Cuz I don't make sense with words
When they mean important things
I'll bite my tongue and stay unsound
To see what silence brings

But in this room I will shout
Until the walls fall
I am claustrophobic about these things
But I am more afraid of losing sleep
To empty dreams

And I say I'm so lonely
Locked up in this room
I'm so over-inflated
I could float to the moon