Time Machine

All the clocks are standing still
The sky holds back the rain
I want the words I never said
To reach your ears
To reach your ears

So I built a time machine
It sets the clocks on fire
But who will remember
And bring us back
And bring us back

I can taste the ether in the air
Close my eyes and dream without waking
There's got to be a beginning and an end
No carbon for decaying
I can feel the earth shift beneath me
As it breaks and falls into the sea
I swim in bellies aching with confusion
Give me peace
Give me peace
Give me peace

I've been gone more than I've stayed
Haunting where we've been
Touching and not touching
To feel again
To feel again

Four walls closing in
Writing words upon my skin
Makes a book you say
I wonder where the end begins

I will walk
Dishevel all the snow
Depressed by years of travel
Listening to the myth of fingerprints
I let it all unravel
Like a deck of cards with no dealer
Like a sleeper waking from the dream
Hopscotch to a better boulevard
Give me peace
Give me peace
Give me peace