Witches' Brew

I have a really good,
Bad feeling
It's kinda like feeling free
When your hands are tied
Like a rabbit's foot
Being lucky
Maybe we'll all escape

When the moon comes
Full circle,
Do you find yourself howling
Like me?
And think of all the savages
We've eaten
Maybe we'll all die young

But sometimes it's that part of us that's begging
To open the door
But I still have this
Really good, bad feeling
Like I want something more

So, in my most virginal
Of places
I am fire, but I've been
Burned by prophecy
And all the princesses line up
For full confessions
Maybe we'll all go down

So when the tide comes up
To greet you
Say hi and then swim to shore
For me
Kiss the mermaids as they swim
To lose your way
And tie forgotten string
To your oar
Cuz they don't live here

In a circle while we're
I get that really good, bad

Misunderstood, misrepresented
Maybe we'll all explain