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Date: December, 2005

Terami Hirsch
Entropy 29 Review

by Morley Seaver

This is the Los Angeles singer-songwriter's third release and it's based around the theme of time travel. Entropy 29 is a wonderful, pristine affair that puts the emphasis where it should always be: good, unique songs. Terami has written 12 moody songs that sound like something Kate Bush would have written were she not off somewhere in Earth Mother land.

The songs are all dreamy and atmospheric, due to the sparse makeup of the instrumentation, which is led by piano. The space draws the ears towards her voice which is most enjoyable. If there is one complaint it that she is restrained throughout and sometimes you just wish she would break free and go on a tear.

The first cut "Mission to the Moon" is like the first few steps of someone treading new territory, hesitant and measured. If you approach it the way you would getting into a hot bath, toes first and a bit at a time, you'll find it grow on you quickly. The next cut "Little Light" is excellent, with a tremendous chorus. "Drifting" glides along beautifully highlighted by a haunting cello. "Waking the Dream" is powerful, a stirring, majestic statement, and the same can be said for the follow-up, "Nothing Walks Away".

"There's a Garden" picks up the pace slightly and it paints a picture not unlike an icy landscape. The rest of the cuts are all great, making for a solid set of songs.

Terami wrote all the songs, engineered (all except vocals) and produced the project herself, as well as playing all keyboards and programming. If you like Tori Amos or Kate Bush, you'll love this record.

Label: Madstone Records
Rating: ****