From: Bella Donna Fair [url]
Date: September 07, 2007

Terami Hirsch
Entropy 29

Terami Hirsh is an artist through and through. Her creative ability to write visually vivid lyrics spills generously over into her original album artwork. Covered in cold hues, harsh contrasts, and wispy clouds, the album booklet pages are painted with her imagination, and eloquent lyrics that rival those of Tori Amos. Her melodramatic voice and enigmatic piano artistry evokes harmonic tension and the listener's curiosity as her latest CD, Entropy 29, opens dramatically with the song "Mission to the Moon."

Picking up the pace with the more uplifting melody and beat of "Little Light," Hirsch embarks on a journey through life's most challenging questions and doubts. Her piano melodies and unusually haunting minor progressions are reminiscent of Chopin, Debussy and Satie.

Faithful to its ominous title, Entropy 29 is full of intrepid melodies and heavy subject matter. Language and poetic symbolisms of weakness, fear, and hopelessness litter the lyrics, creating a wonderfully tragic and passionate musical atmosphere. This is drama at its richest and best. Terami Hirsch is an artist best described as a femme fatale; her mysterious melodies, lyrics, and incredibly beautiful piano accompaniment set her apart from any other artist I have yet heard, and is definitely worth a good long listen.

Review by Jennifer Grassman -