From: Collected Sounds [url]
Date: September 27, 2005

Entropy 29 by Terami Hirsch
A Review by Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds

One of the perks of this job/hobby is getting to hear some CDs before they're released. In the case of Terami Hirsch's new CD I am finding myself quite lucky!

If you've read my other reviews of Terami's music, both performed live and on record, you know I am already a huge fan. Of both the woman and the artist. So it will come as no surprise to you that I am simply in love with this CD. I've been playing it pretty much everyday since I got it sometimes several times a day.

Her music could be described as atmospheric, dreamy pop. There's certainly a techno-vibe to it. She plays piano beautifully and then enhances it with her techno-toys and lovely soaring voice. On some songs she's even added cello, bass, violin, and yes-even tambourine.

Her lyrics always amazing me. As an example, here are the opening lines for the first track, "Mission to the Moon":

Shattered in my mouth
There are splinters in these words
Thorns and roots and tangles
I have spoken
Then spitting out my teeth
Into a little silver cup
I wake up cold with eyes wide open

But really that's just a sample; all the songs have amazing imagery like this. I'm so in awe of people like Terami who can write like that. *sigh*

Here's where I usually say, if you like such-and-such artist, you'll like this artist. But she really doesn't sound like anyone else. So I'll just say, if you like music, you need to get this record. Don't even ask me to pick out stand out songs, because I'll just name them all.