From: Collected Sounds [url]
Date: March 25, 2008

A Broke Machine by Terami Hirsch
A Review by Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds

It's no secret I am a big fan of Terami Hirsch. She's one of the first artists I featured heavily on this site, and for the sake of disclosure I will admit I consider her a friend (and not in a stalker way). But that does not taint my judgment of her music. I promise. I was a fan first.

To be completely honest, my first thought was, huh? The opening song, "Back to the Start," while a really freakin' cool song, does not sound like My Terami to me! If someone would have played it for me and made me guess, not in a million years would I have guessed it was Terami. But like I said, it's a really great song.

Her voice is noticeably different on this release. Where her voice used to do this sort of crackly (endearing) thing it's now very full and clear. It sounds more mature I guess. Less girlish.* It's an interesting and unexpected change but I like it. A lot. And I loved her voice before too.

The music, of course is stunning. I'm forever blown away by someone who can create such intricate sounds. Where do they come from? Are they in her head and she just figures out how to make us hear it too? Genius, I'm telling you.

The songs have a new bolder feel to them as well. She's taking chances that I haven't heard her do before and it's paying off ten fold.

Another thing different this time is that she's making use of some background vocals. She hasn't done that so much in the past, but on Fable Moon there's a great chorus of swooping and swelling backing vocals that adds a really neat touch.

There is something in her "new" voice that is reminding me of those old torchy songs that I love. I can imagine her singing an old Peggy Lee song or some such.

On "What I Didn't See" there is some fabulous fast and furious piano that is making my head spin…in a good way of course.

I am really enjoying this record and I'm sure it's one that will grow on me ever more with each listen.

*I spoke to Terami about this and she said that she's been taking voice lessons for the past few years to make her voice stronger. I'd say she's done some great work!