From: Give CDs [url]
Date: August 2001

Terami Hirsch - All Girl Band

Terami Hirsch is worth a listen, that's for sure. Comparisons are often difficult, especially with someone as delectably creative as Terami Hirsch. But since comparisons can be helpful, you might say that Terami Hirsch's music is a cross between Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos and Paul Simon. Terami Hirsch's songs are clever, catchy and confessional. The piano work is delightful, but it is Hirsch's lyrics that are the best part. Her songs tell stories, which are introspective, and often quirky. As you listen to her music you get a sense that you are being drawn into her life. It's important to mention that, while expressive, her songs are not the traditional heart-felt kind of song that often permeates pop music. No “la-la” lyrics here. Rather, All Girl Band is an intimate portrait. The first time you listen to All Girl Band, you might enjoy it for the piano playing (Terami is a classically trained pianist), but the second, third and fourth times you're going to listen for the words. And I should mention that Terami Hirsch has an exceptionally lovely voice.