From: Give CDs [url]
Date: November, 2005

Terami Hirsch - Entropy 29

It's been about three years since Terami Hirsch's ( last CD, To the Bone, but her music just keeps getting better and better: Entropy 29, which came out in 2005, is in a class of its own. Dreamy pop melodies with a touch of electronica, and edgy lyrics (one of Terami Hirsch's trademarks) are part of every song on this stellar CD, which fully engages your brain. It's always helpful to be able to compare a musician to somebody else, at least to give a frame of reference. But there are no close comparisons to singer-songwriter, Terami Hirsch: She does her own stuff, and oh so fantastically well. This is the CD to buy if you've been bugged lately by the eternal question, "why?"