From: Not The Spotlight [url]
Date: February 22, 2006

Terami Hirsch

There's a stigma for females who play the piano, an unfair automatic comparison to Tori Amos of course. So let's get that out of the way now. She plays the piano. End of comparison. Yay. Truthfully, Terami is picking up the steam from the disappointing course that Tori's music is taking lately, actually where music in general tends to be lacking Terami is finding new ways to play.

Terami Hirsch has been a part of my life since I downloaded a free mp3 of her song "Witches Brew" from her first album in 1999 from Since then Terami has released 3 official albums, a remix project with Dan Lloyd, and numerous free promotional album for her fans. With every album she takes leaps and bounds with talent and musical experimentation.

Her first album All Girl Band was just plain weird, deliciously weird. Xylophones were a very big part of. Then she took a more electronic, noisy approach with her second album To the Bone. And now, in 2006 with Entropy 29 we see Terami taking an ambient journey that is one of the most surreal trips an album has ever taken me on. There is always something new to hear in Terami's music, whether it is a lyric that didn't stand out before, a soundscape that I never noticed, or just an atmosphere that wasn't there the first time. It's always fresh and that's one of the reasons I love this woman. Not to mention she is so great to her fans.