From: The LA Music Scene [url]
Date: 2003

Artist: Terami Hirsch
Album: 3 of X

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to write about this CD, it was given to me, I believe as a pre-listen, but I want to tell people about Terami Hirsch (pronounced like Jeremy with a T). The music is unique, and blends very unblended-before styles, that, the likes of Tori Amos and the Electronica Scene. Now I know that sounds strange… but it's true. Now thank g-d that Terami doesn't sound like Tori or it would be hard to get away from the female piano player vibe, but Terami has a very subtle voice that flips back and forth from ruff honesty to a really pretty melodic landscape. Undoubtedly my favorite aspect of Terami's music is the meld of styles, adding movement to a format that is usually no more than a piano and vocal. Track 1, "Astronaut," is my favorite on this selection in that it appeals the most to my need for structure, because at times the structure of Terami's music seems lost in the presentation. I personally can't wait to hear more of Terami's new music. Her album, Entropy 29, should be available about now and should be worth checking out.

Bottom Line: Terami is an artist to check out now; and wait to see what's next! There's something very interesting happening here, and Terami may well be the progressive "girl with a piano" that shouldn't be overlooked.

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