Song Profiles

Song title: 1984
From the album: 3 of X EP
Requested by: Megan

Sometimes my dreams and reality get mixed. Besides false awakenings, which can be exhausting and confusing, I often dream of the future and the past as though I was walking through a theatre production. When I awake, it's unclear if I dreamed a memory, dreamed the future, or dreamed a dream. Or am I still dreaming?

For quite a while, I used to keep a dream journal to help me sort all this out. However, I remembered such excruciating details that it became a chore to jot it all down. My journal looked like this: "...and the pink - rosy pink, not bright pink...and with a swirly non-spiral pattern - fabric covered my eyes. It was like crushed velvet, though my hand seemed to slip through it as though it were made of cream and not fabric at all! After I pushed through an endless fountain of the rosy-cream-velvet, I noticed my feet were crunching dried leaves on an empty sidewalk. The air sounded like mustard and boiling potatoes. Like a ghost, I walked through the door to my grandmother's house where even the formica countertop vibrated too slowly and I watched as pots depressed themselves slowly into their setting..." and so on, ultimately describing a memory from my childhood and ending with my death.

I would still very much like to write an album of music that renders my dream reality. However, pretense aside, that might not be such an original idea. Nevertheless, it's very fun to write about in short bursts, like in this song.

The three songs that we recorded for 3 of X were incredibly difficult to produce. At the time, Kevin was doing all the programming and my communication skills were lacking. In the end, my words were knotted yarn and he looked at me like I asked him to sprout 14 more fingers. All was not well. Thankfully, we learned from this last experiment in cooperation and decided that I needed to learn how to program and produce by myself. Even though the three songs on this EP never made it on to a record, I really enjoy listening to this project with fresh ears.

December 2006