Song Profiles

Song title: Battle for Infinite Time
From the album: A Broke Machine

A few months ago I went to a big industry party in Los Angeles where I was introduced to somebody who is a whoop-dee-doo to about 25 people on the planet. The friend who introduced me explained that I was a singer-songwriter who wrote "spacey" music. And I was all, "What? Spacey music, really?" Blah blah blah and the conversation puddled into something forgettable, except the spacey comment, which bothered me.

There's a strong inclination that artists need to be misunderstood in order to be deep and meaningful. "Spacey" seems like a way of saying this, only with a derogatory slant. I don't think my friend meant to insult me, but as I bristled at his description, I realized his comment revealed my own prejudice about artists. After all, what's so terrible about spacey? Isn't it better than saying I write terrible music? Or boring music? Or even...nice music? Shoot, spacey is a downright compliment in comparison. The problem was that I didn't know why he used that word to describe me.

And then I sat down to write this song profile for Battle for Infinite Time. Wait. Oh yeah. My big disco song about outer space. I can see where he thinks I'm spacey, especially if he's heard this song, which he has.

Back up.


Did I just say disco?


Did I really mean disco?

I'm not saying you should dance to it in a polyester leisure suit or that you should dance to it at all, but, yes.


So now I'm satisfied that when he called my music spacey, he was really only talking about this song, and I agree. I wrote Battle after I read "Cosmicomics" by Italo Calvino and was inspired to explore the swirling metaphor of the universe. The song is a direct response to the short story "A Sign in Space". Read the story. It's beautiful. Actually, read the whole book.

Song Trivia: The title did not appear in the lyrics at all until two days before it was sent to the mixer. At that point, feeling the song was somehow unfinished, I pulled out the microphone and surprised myself when I heard the words "so we battle for infinite time" tumble out of my mouth. I love it when that happens.

December 2008