Song Profiles

Song title: Better Times
From the album: A Broke Machine

I'll be candid with you. I should have produced "Better Times" differently. As I worked on the production, I listened to a lot of glitch electronica (ie: edIT, Lexaunculpt) and for some reason I was dead set on creating micro edits in the drums of this song. (Bad call.) (Fun! -- But wrong.)

One of the best things anybody can learn from a project (creative or otherwise) is that once a decision is made, it's important to move on. There used to be a time in my life when I'd create something and then spend years kicking myself for the way I approached it. It's not only impossible to have peace of mind with this outlook, but it's also impossible to actually grow from the experience.

If nothing else, my albums have given me a measurable opportunity in my life to go through a process of: "create, evaluate, learn". It's important to not get stuck on the first two steps of the process in an endless loop. It's equally important to not get stuck on the last two steps of the process. In order to progress, creation needs to be continual, as well as some sort of ongoing yardstick for growth. Otherwise, we'd all still be playing "Chopsticks" and perfecting our two-finger-at-a-time coordination method, which impressed nobody. Not even our grandmothers.

Another benefit of emotionally closing the chapter on a past decision is that in the future, we're able to objectively appreciate where each choice has led us on our unfolding path. I realize this sounds obvious, but so many times, in the momentary pursuit of perfection, it becomes paralyzing to make any decision at all. So: note to self: remember that it's okay to make a mistake...even if it's a mistake that you put on an album and release into the general population for every discriminating ear to judge.

It's okay to be wrong.

It's not okay not to try.

January 2009