Song Profiles

Song title: Drifting
From the album: Entropy 29
Requested by: Sandy

This song is an exaggerated moment staring out of my studio window and listening to Vespertine in the background. The sky was weeping steel, the wind was performing a ballet, and the trees were clapping their limbs in approval. You know how they animate some funky scenario in movies where a character imagines something surreal? was like that.

In my imagination, the long branch of a hilltop tree snapped as the ground became an icy pond. Oh! Unexpected! ...and my thoughts raced towards shuttles of stone, invisibility, and escape...An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

The song wrote itself in that single, protracted moment. I barely lifted a finger. It was similarly easy to produce and quickly replaced another song towards the end of recording Entropy 29. For whatever reason, this song is unlike the rest of that album to me - perhaps because it was so unlabored and visual? Perhaps because of its fiction? Perhaps because I love the rain so much, any reminder of it pleases me? I'm not sure. But whatever the cause for it, this song makes me very happy, indeed.

January 2007