Song Profiles

Song title: I Am Going to Sleep
From the album: A Broke Machine

The first time I performed "I Am Going to Sleep", there was an unexpected response from the audience: laughter. In fact, I was so taken aback, I nearly stopped singing to ask what was so funny. Had I inadvertently written a silly song or was there some other nuance to the performance that was unintentionally funny? Someone later explained that it was my song introduction, leading into the first line "I am going to sleep now", that caused everyone to laugh.

The fact of the matter is that "I Am Going to Sleep" is a very serious song. It is one of the few times that I've written about something so important to me without veiling it in a larger, more artistic metaphor. The lyrics of the song are simple and straightforward. I love sleep. Wrote a song about it. That is all.

My love of sleep is fairly well documented if you've read my blog or have had a direct conversation with me. From the time I was little, I could easily recall my dreams and they have continued to inspire and fascinate me. Easily, I will sleep for ten hours of uninterrupted rest. Even if I'm not tired, I can sleep. I can sleep in contortionist positions, and frequently do so. I can discuss sleep and dreaming for hours with the right type of conversationalist, and am thrilled to read research or novels on the subject. So, it makes perfect sense that I would write a simple love song, an ode to sleep, to close my otherwise less literal, dream-inspired album.

While I suppose it's a little funny (or odd), it's really an invitation for all other dreamers to join me.

"We can share the dream, leave the troubling things that we don't want to feel anymore"

June 2009